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Assessment Reduction Consultants

Rising Property Taxes.
Even though housing prices have been flat in the past two years, your real estate property taxes have continued to increase. The combination of town and school taxes that you will pay this year is probably higher than it has been at any time since you bought your house.

The only way to lower your tax bill is to grieve or challenge the assessed value of your home. Property taxes are determined by two components: the assessed value of your home and the tax rate applied to the assessed value of your home. The tax rate is a product of the state and local budgeting process. Reducing the assessed value of your home will reduce your taxes.

It's Your Right!
Your right to a fair assessment is protected by law, and filing a grievance is the only way to get the right assessment and right market value for your property. You have nothing to lose, and could save thousands of dollars every year. Your assessment cannot go up because you filed a protest; it can only go down or remain the same. But you can only file once a year and the time to get started is now.

Local Experience Counts.
We have the proven expertise and track record to reduce your real estate taxes. Our team has many years of experience representing buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions. We live in Westchester County and are familiar with property values in each of the various towns and villages in Westchester County. We work closely with real estate brokers and local appraisers to put together the best case for you to obtain a property tax reduction.

No Fee Unless We Win.
Among our many satisfied clients are those who first tried another service or tried unsuccessfully to file for themselves. At Assessment Reduction Consultants, we're so confident we can reduce your taxes that we take no upfront retainers or "preparation fees." In fact, we don't get paid unless we win your case. Our fee is 50% of your first year's tax savings based on 2018 tax rates. The only fees that you pay are a court-imposed $30.00 fee if an appeal is filed and the cost of an appraisal if one is needed. If you have recently refinanced your home, we can use the bank appraisal that was done if it supports a reduction in your home's assessed value.

P.S. This year will be a particularly busy one for local town boards. Experts predict a record number of grievances. The filing deadline is fast approaching. Miss it and you have to wait another year. So don't delay. Ask us for a free, no obligation analysis of your property tax bill.

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